Great War 100 Reads

Commemorating the centenary of the First World War in books

A Whizz Bang Welcome

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A mere one hundred years ago, after a long period of peace, Europe was on the precipice of the “war to end all wars”. The bluffs called and tempers calmed so many times in the past would not work.  So off to war. “Home by Christmas” was far from the outcome.

One hundred years later, the legacy of the First World War lives on.

Welcome to Great War 100 Reads

Welcome to my project to commemorate the centenary of the war. For the duration (until November 11, 2018) my leisure reading will be all about the First World War. I hope to learn more about the context of the war and reflect on its continuing influences. And I hope to share my thoughts through this blog.

Why reading? It’s what I do best!

Why keep reading for more than four years? I want to feel the length of the conflict.

Will I make it to 100 books? Maybe. 

Why this blog? I want to track the journey and hopefully learn from others on the way.

My explorations go from the causes through to the consequences. Honouring soldiers, nurses, ambulance drivers, spies, suffragists, pacifists and propagandists, be they in the war zone or on the home front. Comparing Canadian perspectives with those from other countries. Seeing how perceptions have changed over time. Mostly fiction. Some memoirs, diaries and non-fiction mixed in.

In between the book reviews, watch for my photos of First World War tributes from travels near and far, in Monday Monuments and Memorials. 

I hope you will join me for the journey and share your thoughts along the way.

Hush, here comes a whizzbang
Now you soldiermen get down those stairs
Down in your dugouts and say your prayers.
Hush, here comes a whizzbang
And it’s making right for you.
And you’ll see all the wonders of No-Man’s-Land
If a whizzbang hits you.


Author: greatwar100reads

Canadian crusader for equality and justice. Connoisseur and creator of the written word. Commemorating the centenary of the First World War in books and monuments. Read more at

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