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Monday Monuments and Memorials – Terminal City Club plaque, Vancouver

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WW1 memorials pop out when I least expect them. This plaque is in the grand entrance hall of the Terminal City Club in Vancouver. The TCC is a private business club in Vancouver, founded in 1892. Its name denotes Vancouver as the terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway. When the TCC moved to a new complex on Hastings Street in the 1990s, they incorporated some architectural features of the old building: pillars, doorways, chandeliers, a stained glass dome. This plaque came along, too.


A bit about the named members, as best as I can tell from the attestation papers at Library and Canada Archives and death records in the Canadian Virtual War Memorial.  (Don’t expect any women members from the war years … women guests couldn’t even dine at the TCC until the 1920s.) 

George Pigrum Bowie, architect, born 1881, killed at Ypres, July 7, 1915

D. N. Moore (no record … may have served in armed forces of another country)

Owen Cuthbert Sawers, insurance agent, born 1884, killed April 22, 1915

Henry John Haffner, civil engineer, born 1880, killed May 30, 1916

John Gilmour Hay, lawyer, born 1873, killed November 12, 1916

John McDonald Mowat, lawyer, born 1873, killed October 8, 1916

Maitland Lockhart Gordon, civil engineer, born 1882, killed May 7, 1917

James Cuthbert Hartney, mechanical and electrical engineer, born 1885, killed May 1, 1917

Daniel Ellsworth Munn, estate and insurance broker, born 1887, killed April 18, 1917

Lancelot Rodney Warn, broker, born 1881, died February 4, 1919.


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