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Monday Monuments and Memorials – Cenotaph, Flesherton, ON

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Many cenotaphs have been caught up in spring cleaning in recent years. I happened to capture before and after photos of the cenotaph in Memorial Park, 40 Sydenham Rd (Hwy 10), just north of County Road 4, in Flesherton. Land for the park was donated by descendants of village founder William Flesher in 1920. The cenotaph was erected sometime after that.

The original monument is a stele topped front and back with a cross and sword. It records the names of 84 local men who enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force – those killed in action or in training on the face, others enlisted for active service on the back. Vimy, Somme, Amiens and Ypres are the noted battles. The base stone says “erected by the citizens of Flesherton in the memory of those men who fell in the Great War – 1914-1918 – their name liveth for evermore.”

The original monument stands on an upper terrace of a hill, flanked by German weapons captured as trophies of war. My July 2015 photos show a tractor tire planter in front of the monument, presumably placed at a later date. Not an attractive addition. (In fairness, I’ve seen photos showing it nicely planted with flowers. I will assume that the overgrown weeds shown here were allowed to take over because it would soon be replaced.)

News photos of Remembrance Day ceremonies in November 2015 show the new black granite monument in front of the original monument. Under the logo of the local legion branch, the centre slab states, “By the grace of God, may all that pause at this cenotaph hold sacred the memory of those who served and those who paid the supreme sacrifice that our country might remain free,” and dates of the Korean War. Dates for WW1 and WW2 flank the centre slab. Looking straight on, the new stone frames the original monument, but unfortunately blocks the inscription and some names.


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