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Monday Monuments and Memorials – Frontenac Club, Kingston, ON


The Frontenac Club, a private gentlemen’s club, opened in 1908 in a grand limestone building at the corner of King St W at William St in Kingston. In 1919, the club honoured 10 of its members killed in the Great War, posting a bronze plaque on the William St wall. All were officers. 

  • Lt Col Frank Strange – died of meningitis in 1915 at age 50 in Salisbury
  • Lt Col Hew Ramsay Duff – CAMC, died of pneumonia in 1916 at age 58 in Egypt
  • Lt Col Daniel Isaac Vernon Eaton – died of wounds in 1917 at age 46 at Vimy
  • Lt Col Bartlett McLennan, DSO – killed in action at age 47 in 1918 in France
  • Major Stanley Lavell Cunningham, MC – civil engineer, killed in 1918 at age 35 in France
  • Major William Edward Steacy, MC – died in 1918 at age 29 in France
  • Major John McDonald Mowat – lawyer, died in 1916 at age 43 in France
  • Capt George Taylor Richardson – died in 1916 at age 30 in France (“Capt Richardson was a millionaire. When he left, he carried gold in the heels of his boots for use in case of emergency.” The Globe, Toronto Mar 6 1916)
  • Capt Jules M Lanos – Civilian born in France who taught French at the Royal Military College. As a French Army reservist, he reported to Paris in 1917 (at age 46?), where he was deemed unfit for service. He fell ill and died soon after returning to Kingston. (Peter Gower, Kingston volunteers: the thing to do, 2008)
  • Capt George Edward Francklyn – drowned returning to England from France in 1915 at age 41

The Depression brought hard times to the club. It closed in the 1930s and the building was converted to apartments. In 2000, it was converted to a bed-and-breakfast inn. Throughout, the memorial plaque has remained.

Thanks to Vicki and Linda, fellow voyageurs in Kingston.

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3 thoughts on “Monday Monuments and Memorials – Frontenac Club, Kingston, ON

  1. And thank you to you, Tamra, for the additional research telling us more about each of the officers listed on this plaque.

    • Some were more challenging than others to find! Many names are misspelled (was that Stanley Lavell Cunningham or Stanley Lovell Cunningham?). Calling people by a second or third name seems to have been more common (Daniel Isaac Vernon Eaton was Vernon to his friends). But Jules Lanos proved almost elusive, not actually serving in any army. Not sure why he’s Capt Lanos.

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