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Monday Monuments and Memorials – Postcards of Ontario

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Remember postcards? Used to be a common way to send travel greetings to friends. We rarely send them now, with the ease of instant photos and social media.

Postcards offer a glimpse into the kinds of scenes and sentiments that people want to remember. I happened upon a sale of old postcards recently. Flipping through the boxes, I was surprised to see many war memorials. Here are a few.

From top left:

  • Victoria Part and War Memorial, Lindsay, Ont. (a version of Emanuel Hahn’s Tommy in Greatcoat)
  • Great War Memorial, Brockville, Ontario, Canada (Nicholas Pirotton, sculptor)
  • War Memorial, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada (Walter Allward, sculptor)
  • Memorial and Arena Gardens, Midland, Ontario, Canada
  • The Cenotaph and City Hall Square at Night, Windsor, Ontario (George F. Masson, architect, designer)
  • City Hall and Cenotaph, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (modeled on Lutyens’ design of the Whitehall cenotaph in London)
  • Post Office, Burks Falls, Ontario, Canada
  • War Memorial, Hawkesbury, Ontario

The cards aren’t dated. My guess is that most are 1940s vintage from the look of the cars. The Windsor one is obviously a later vintage. The cenotaph was moved to City Hall in 1965, so that’s the earliest possible date.

Most cards were published by the Photogelatine Engraving Co Ltd in Toronto or Ottawa. The Brockville card is by the Valentine-Black Co Ltd, Toronto. The Windsor card is by Sigal Brothers Ltd, Windsor.


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