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Monday Monuments and Memorials – Canadian Memorial Church, Vancouver … Part 2

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The Canadian Memorial United Church and Centre for Peace, at the corner of W 15th Ave and Burrard St in Vancouver, was built as a memorial to Canadians who fought and died in WW1 … and as a ministry for peace and an end to war. This is the second post about the memorial elements in the church, looking this week at the narthex windows.

  • Nursing Sister, donated by the nursing sisters of WW1
  • Soldier, donated by the Amputation Association of Canada (note one leg is thinner than the other and made of wood)
  • Sailor and Airman, donated by William Poulton in memory of Mary Ellen May Poulton
  • Going West, or the Transfigured Soldier, donated by the Widows, Wives and Mothers of Great Britain’s Heroes’ Association

The church windows were made by Robert McCausland Ltd of Toronto, the oldest stained glass company in the Western Hemisphere.

You can see more photos of the memorial windows here and here.

Thanks again to Susan, kindred spirit in seeking out several Vancouver memorials, and to Colleen Cruickshank who kindly gave us a private tour of the church.

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