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Monday Monuments and Memorials – Prince Edward Old Boys Memorial Entrance, Fairgrounds, Picton, ON

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It’s the season of agricultural fairs in my area. The Picton Fair in Prince Edward County is one of the oldest in Ontario, dating from 1836. Early in the 20th century, the Old Boys, prominent Toronto-area businessmen whose origins were in Prince Edward County, would return home for an annual reunion.

At the end of WW1, the Old Boys wanted to build a memorial to those from the County who had been killed in the war. They donated half the funds for a ticket booth and entrance to the Picton fairgrounds. The building was dedicated at the 1921 Picton Fair.

The entrance became too narrow as traffic evolved from horse and buggy to car and truck. A new entrance was erected down the street. In 2009, the original entrance was changed to a pedestrian gate. The ticket booth remains, earning a heritage designation in 1990.

From the heritage designation: “The Memorial Entrance and Building is an example of Tudor Revival at its best with its steeply pitched roof and decorative half timbering mimicking infilled timber framing and stucco wall cladding. Adding to the charm of the facade are five sash glazing patterned windows.”


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