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Monday Monuments and Memorials – St Sever Cemeteries, Rouen, France

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St Sever Cemetery and St Sever Cemetery Extension are located in a large communal cemetery in the southern Rouen suburbs, near the sites of several WW1 Allied hospitals and camps.* WW1 burials from Commonwealth forces number 11430 in the cemetery and cemetery extension.

Looking for clusters of women’s war graves? Look no further than the hospital sites. The seven women buried in St Sever Cemetery and the six buried in St Sever Cemetery Extension all died of illness or illness-related accident. Two were nursing sisters, six were VADs, three worked with Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps, one with the YMCA, and one was a civilian volunteer.

St Sever Cemetery

  • Dame Lucy Innes BRANFOOT, Lady Helper. Officers A.2.6. She worked at Lady Mabelle Egerton’s Coffee Stall at St Sever railway station. Died of bronchitis 16 March 1916, age 52.
  • Mary C DICKSON, VAD nurse. Officers B.4.9. Died of meningitis 16 February 1917, age 30. Daughter of Canon and Mrs Dickson of Fahan, Co Donegal, Ireland.
  • Hilda Mary KNOX, Nursing Sister, Australian Army Nursing Service. Officers, B.4.10. Died of cerebro-spinal meningitis, 17 February 1917, age 33. Gone but not forgotten.
  • Edith PEARTON, Worker, YMCA. Officers B.4.17. Died 13 March 1918.
  • Louisa Blanche RIGGALL, Member, Australian Red Cross Society (VAD). Officers B.3.1. Died of cerebral haemorrhage 31 August 1918, age 50. During the Great War she gave her life for sick and wounded at Rouen.
  • Jeannie SMITH LEE, VAD nurse, 30th (Northumberland) Detachment at 9th General Hospital. Officers B.5.25. Died of sepsis perhaps a complication of measles or meningitis, 30 March 1917, age 25. Daughter of Smith and Bessie Lee, Haltwhistle. Israel’s God is ours.
  • Elizabeth McMath (Daisy) WARNOCK, VAD nurse, 10th (Glasgow) Detachment at 8th General Hospital. Officers B.4.23. Died of septicaemia, 5 May 1918, age 31. I have finished the work which Thou gavest me to do.

Warnock’s brother, Lt George Muir Warnock, is buried nearby (Officers B.2.20). He died of wounds on 29 March 1918.

St Sever Cemetery Extension

  • Ellen ARMSTRONG RRC, Nursing Sister, QAIMNS. S.V.M.6. Died of pneumonia, 20 March 1919, age 38. Mentioned in Despatches. Until the day break and the shadows flee away.
  • Mary Cawston BOUSFIELD, VAD nurse, 8th General Hospital. S.V.M.10. Died of pneumonia, 24 February 1919, age 27. Mentioned in Despatches. Well done good and faithful servant.
  • Clara Baker GOSLING, Worker, QMAAC. S.V.J.12. Died 7 November 1918, age 32.
  • Elizabeth S. JOHNSTON, Telephonist, QMAAC. S.V.L.10. Died from a fall from a church tower, 25 December 1918, age 27
  • Gwynedd Violet LLEWELLYN, VAD nurse, 126 (Somerset) Detachment at No. 2 Hospital. S.V.G.13. Died of influenza, 3 November 1918, age 19. Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God.
  • Winifred Mary STEELE, Worker, QMAAC. S.V.L.7. Died of pneumonia, 9 December 1918, age 27. The eternal God is my dwelling place.

*Newfoundland VAD Frances Cluett was based at one of the Rouen hospitals.

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