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Monday Monuments and Memorials – Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille, France

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Terlincthun, between Boulogne and Wimereux, was along the line of hospitals and rest camps established near the coast of France during WW1. Terlincthun British Cemetery was begun June 1918. The central path of the cemetery aligns with the nearby Colonne de la Grande Armée, so the statue of Napoleon appears to be keeping watch over those buried there.

Some features of the cemetery:

  • In addition to 4,378 Commonwealth burials, Terlincthun is the final resting place of more than 200 soldiers of other nationalities, mostly German prisoners of war.
  • 46 RAF personnel killed at Marquise in Sep 1918 in a bombing raid by German aircraft are buried there.
  • A farmer clearing some ground next to Ovillers Military Cemetery in 1982 discovered the remains of 49 British and 2 German soldiers buried in a large shell hole or old trench during the Battle of the Somme. They are now commemorated by a Special Memorial in Terlincthun.
  • Six soldiers buried at Charleville Communal Cemetery whose graves were later lost are remembered by a Special Memorial.

Nine women are buried in Terlincthun:

  • Margaret Ann BARROW, Worker, QMAAC. IX.C.21. Died 3 Nov 1918, age 24. Thy will be done.
  • Annie HALL, Worker, QMAAC. XV.B.35. Died 23 Mar 1919, age 30.
  • Edith INGRAM, VAD nurse, II.C.27. Killed in air raid near Boulonge 14 Aug 1918, age 31. Beloved daughter of Mrs HA Ingram, Clymping, Littlehampton, Sussex.
  • Jessie Nelson KING, Nursing Sister, Canadian Army Medical Corps, XIV.A 2. Died of cerebro-spinal meningitis 4 Apr 1919, age 26.
  • FEMT Massey, Worker, QMAAC. XII.A.32. Died 1 Dec 1918.
  • Evelyn Verrall McKAY, Nursing Sister, Canadian Army Medical Corps, VII.C.26. Died of broncho-pneumonia 4 Nov 1918, age 27.
  • Elsie PARNELL, Worker, QMAAC. XV.B.2. Died of broncho-pneumonia 6 Mar 1919, age 23.
  • Mary Ann (Annie) SPITTLE, Worker, QMAAC. XIII.C.41. Died of influenza and broncho-pneumonia 12 Feb 1919, age 26.
  • Margaret Cameron YOUNG, VAD nurse, I.F.44. Died of cerebro-spinal meningitis(?) 30 Jul 1918, age 25. Resting.

The graves of Barrow, Ingram, King, McKay and Young are pictured above. You can see the graves of Hall, Massey, Parnell, Spittle and others here

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