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Monday Monuments and Memorials – Cenotaph, Tryon People’s Cemetery, Tryon PEI

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A small cenotaph sits in Tryon People’s Cemetery on PEI Rd 10 about ½ km from the Trans-Canada Highway on Prince Edward Island. It honours three local men killed in WW1 and 20 who served.

On the front:

Erected in memory of these soldiers who fought in the Great War
Killed in Action
John Lyman Wood
Percy Farrow
Capt. James Farrow

On the sides, the names of those who served:

  • Everett Bell, Morley Bell, J Earl Thompson, Thomas Dawson, Earl Howatt, Maynard Foy, Elmer McNeil, Thomas Fell, Guy Hollands, Morley Mullins
  • Earl D MacPhee, Alfred Lefurgey, George Hennessy, Everett Howatt, Chesley Howatt, Lewis Dawson, John Foy, Lee Calbeck, Alfred Caird, Harold Leard.

The top of the monument is shaped like a log covered by an olive branch on top of a maple leaf.

You can read more about John Lyman Wood, Percy Farrow and James Farrow in Pieter and Daria Valkenburg’s ON THE WAR MEMORIAL TRAIL RESEARCH PROJECT.

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