Great War 100 Reads

Commemorating the centenary of the First World War in books

Non Fiction

Lucy Adlington, Great War Fashion: Tales from the History Wardrobe

S. Ansky, The Enemy at His Pleasure: A Journey Through the Jewish Pale of Settlement During WWI

Pierre Berton, Vimy

Laura Brandon, Art or Memorial? The Forgotten History of Canada’s War Art

Christopher M Clark, The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914

Tim Cook, At the Sharp End: Canadians Fighting the Great War 1914-1916

Tim Cook, Shock Troops: Canadians Fighting the Great War 1917-1918

Tim Cook, Vimy: The Battle and the Legend

Modris Eksteins, Rites of Spring: The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age

Peter Englund, The Beauty and the Sorrow

Suzanne Evans, Mothers of Heroes, Mothers of Martyrs: World War I and the Politics of Grief

David Fromkin, A Peace to End All Peace: Creating the Modern Middle East, 1914-1922

Paul Fussell, The Great War and Modern Memory

Sarah Glassford and Amy Shaw, A Sisterhood of Suffering and Service: Women and Girls of Canada and Newfoundland during the First World War

J.L. Granatstein, The Greatest Victory: Canada’s One Hundred Days, 1918

Sandra Gwyn, Tapestry of War: A Private View of Canadians in the Great War

Robert Konduros and Richard Parrish, World War I: A Monumental History

Ben Macintyre, The Englishman’s Daughter: A True Story of Love and Betrayal in World War I (in UK: A Foreign Field)

Alan Livingstone MacLeod, Remembered in Bronze and Stone

Margaret MacMillan, Paris 1919

Margaret MacMillan, The War that Ended Peace

Eric McGeer, Canada’s Dream Shall Be of Them: Canadian Epitaphs of the Great War

Ian McKay and Jamie Swift, The Vimy Trap (or How We Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Great War)

Virginia Nicholson, Singled Out: How 2 Million Women Survived Without Men After the First World War

Dean F Oliver and Laura Brandon, Canvas of War: Painting the Canadian Experience 1914-1945

Tammy M. Proctor, Female Intelligence: Women and Espionage in the First World War

Heather Robertson, A Terrible Beauty: The Art of Canada at War

Robert Shipley, To Mark our Place: A History of Canadian War Memorials

Elizabeth Shipton, Female Tommies: The Frontline Women of the First World War

Catherine Speck, Beyond the Battlefield: Women Artists of the Two World Wars

Adrienne Thomas, Katrin Becomes a Soldier

Maria Tippett, Art at the Service of War: Canada, Art and the Great War

Barbara W. Tuchman, The Guns of August

Barbara W. Tuchman, The Proud Tower

Jonathan F. Vance, Death So Noble: Memory, Meaning, and the First World War

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